What To Choose?


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Multiple Kits im deciding between, feedback please!

1. Yamaha Stage Custom 700$: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/saint-john/yamaha-stage-customs/1007198468?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

2. Tama Imperial Star 550$: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/bathurst/tama-imperialstar-5-piece-drum-set-for-sale/1019674719?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

3. Westbury(not sure what type, if you know please say) 220$: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/saint-john/5-piece-drum-set/1025130975?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

4. Tama Rockstar Kit 600$: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/fredericton/tama-rockstar-drum-kit-excellent-condition/1025100714?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

I have around 800$ do spend overall, getting a kit for less would give me more customization choices, but the stage custom looks really nice. Any advice guys?


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Of all those kits I think the Rock Stars might be the best. Maybe over priced a bit though. There are some good cymbals with them. I couldn't see all of them ,but there is at least 1 AAX and 1 AA. The heads look good. The sizes look like they are deeper than what's popular now. No double pedal. The Yamahas are not the same as todays stage customs. Those nouveau lugs are like graphite. They can break easier than the metal ones. The other 2 kits don't impress me either.


Stay away from the Westbury drums, they shouldn't even be in the comparison. All the others are worthwhile kits; the Westburys are entry-level Chinese-made "clone" drums. You'll see dozens of kits exactly like the Westburys; Network, Basix...you can spot each of those clones usually by looking at the tom mount on the bass drum: you'll see two separate vertical posts each with it's own tom, whereas all the higher-end kits have a single vertical post with a double-tom head on top.

Of the 3 you linked, I would suggest the Yammies are the best kit. Good luck with your choice!