What sticks don't leave marks on TD-30 cymbals?

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Just got a pair of Vic Firth Rock sticks and they leave marks on the cymbal pads.

Nothing serious they wipe off but can any of you recommend sticks that won't leave any marks?




Another thing you'll notice: coated drumheads (at least the "modern" coated heads, where the coating all but flakes completely off after a month or two of playing) may have the coating transferred to your cymbals.

I could go on a rant about Remo Coated Ambassadors; old vs. new. I have a Coated Amb on my Delite snare, it was on it when I bought it. I've had that snare for over 6 years now, and the coating is still all there. The new Coated Amb I put on a Force 3005 snare had the coating half flaked off after only a month or two. That was back in 2008; I hope Remo solved this QC issue since then!


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I don't think he's going to notice his coating coming off given that he's mentioning a TD-30...

At any rate, if you're using roland mesh or any home-made mesh on your toms/snare, DO NOT use wood tip sticks. After a short while, the wood on the tip will splinter ever-so slightly, and those splinters will catch on the mesh, ripping them up.

Use nylon tip on mesh-head kits, and also, stop being a wiener about fricken marks on your cymbals. They are a tool to make music, not an art-piece to keep "perfect".


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I got a pair of air drum sticks back in the '80s and they're still going strong. They never mark anything up cos they're as clear as the air. Plus, they never miss a thing!