What size Supraphonic should I purchase?


Alright Ludwig experts I need your help and I can’t make a decision!

I play mostly rock music. I need help/opinions on whether I should buy the 5” or the 6.5” model. Thanks!


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6.5 will never leave you wanting the 5.
5 will always make you feel you should have bought the 6.5.
For Rock, I totally agree. You won't miss the 5".

But if you play other genres of music, you might. The 5" isn't as loud, and it's probably a better choice for funk and jazz, and smaller venues where noise is a factor. You can still do just fine with the 6.5" in those situations, but I think the 5" is ever so slightly better for the quieter, more intricate styles of music.

I have both, and honestly, it's a toss-up. I love them both equally, lol.

Bottom line, you can't lose either way.


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Between being unsure and mostly playing rock, I think you should probably go for the 6.5.

I recently bought a 5 and love it, but I'm primarily using it for quieter sessions and studio recording.


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I have a 5 and it's great for classic rock and country. However I would like to have a go on 6.5 I've never played one before.


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All my snares are sensitones. The sound difference between 5", 5-1/2" and 6-1/2" is very small. Honestly, I can't tell you which one is best. If I HAD to make a recommendation for you, I'd say go with the 6-1/2" because you play mostly Rock.


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My dozen or so top snares are all 6.5, except for an 8x14 Black Beauty thrown in for good measure. You will be happy with the 6.5".


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5.5in Supra to go ala Steve Gadd AND a BB 6.5 for all heavy Rock....just joking, I'm still convince that the pure look and intention of the Supraphonic is to be used more in 5.5....When player want a 6.5, they go with BB....Personal feeling based on nothing statistic data or whatever


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All my snares are 14x6.5 apart from x2 14x5 a 400 and and Acro. A 400 is every bit as good as a 402 and eventually you'll want both in your arsenal.

If you're a rock player a 402 with a Emperor batter and an Ambassador snare side is a great place to start from.


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Thankfully no one has yet mentioned anything about what size Supra Bonham used.