What shoes do you wear for drumming?


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Doubt if I'm the first to ask this but what kind of shoes do you wear while drumming? I have always wore Chucks but I just ordered a pair of flat bottom boxing boots. Bright red with some white stripes (yea it's more a fashion statement). Curious now that I ordered them if anyone has used them and if not what do you wear?


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Dress, soft. slip on, rubber soul.


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I used to wear whatever when I played out. But the past 5 or so years I found a pair of Adidas canvas high tops (sorta like Chucks). I absolutely love how they feel when I play. So much so that those shoes are only wore for gigs.

When we have band rehearsal, it's usually flip flops or bare feet just because Florida is a shorts and flip flop climate pretty much all year round :)


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I prefer tennis shoes You know the kind of old people wear new balance😃
When I play with my country band I wear boots. I never have and probably never will be shoeless on the kit.


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With the high temperatures this year, I have been living in utility kilts since the Spring. I've been rocking a black utility kilt at most gigs as well. Even for formal gigs, I still wear the kilt with black dress shirt, vest and tie on top. Still black on black :)

This year I've been rocking either Dr Martens ankle boots for formal gigs, and black chucks for casual gigs. I can play in pretty much any footwear. As long as it isn't too heavy, and there is flex in the ankle.

Huw Owens

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I live in England, so too cold to play in socks (although that does feel surprisingly good). I prefer Vans/Converse style pumps (mine are cheap knock offs) with very little sponginess in the sole.