What is your “old relable” snare drum ?


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Gretsch RB 4157 of unknown year (but certainly before SSB, so literally old). It retains body and clarity through a rather wide tuning range.


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After seeing some of the impressive hardware offered up in this thread, I will humbly submit my lowly Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14x5.5- it goes well with everything I play it with, has a wide tuning range, is quite responsive, and wasn't expensive.

It works. :)


6.5" Acrolite Limited Edition. 10 lugs. Kind of like an Acro-phonic, if they made one. (y)


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Ryan Culberson

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Ol’ trusty for me is my ‘79 6.5 Black Beauty. At this point in the game, I feel like I can make any well-made snare drum sound great. What separates the BB, IMO, is how easily and quickly I can get multiple great sounds. My ‘68 400 is the same way, but I like the overall sound of the BB slightly more.


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By way of example my old faithful for the last couple years is a Starphonic bubinga with a custom wood batter hoop. Sounds great in every genre and tuning. I recently got a Star bubinga and custom wood hoops for it, thinking it would be the end of the line, but you know what—the Starphonic just has something I like.