What got you started playing drums?


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Two of my college roommates played guitar and wanted to jam...I had rhythm so I did it with a pad of books. Then came Yardbirds and Cream and Hendrix and I was sold!


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As a kid (70's) i was a beatles nut and would bang on pan lids in the living room to their albums (my poor mom).. then i spent decades playing guitar but always wanted to drum but never tried. I saw Gavin Harrison on letterman about 6 years ago and said ok.... now i'm getting drums. And that's it.


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Well I was 13, and wanted to play guitar. I realized I sucked and would always suck at guitar so I returned it and bought drums.

The bright side was none of my friends played drums so I fit a need. The bad side, none of my friends played drums and I had no idea what I was doing for a long time. Could never afford lessons.

John Bonham was the only drummer I cared about back then.

Ian S

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Finally having a chance to actually play them. This happened when I was asked by a friend to join his band, replacing the bass player who had just quit. The drummer liked to take breaks, leaving the kit very unattended. I knew the first time I sat there, it was where I needed to be.
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