What got you started playing drums?


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Two of my college roommates played guitar and wanted to jam...I had rhythm so I did it with a pad of books. Then came Yardbirds and Cream and Hendrix and I was sold!


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As a kid (70's) i was a beatles nut and would bang on pan lids in the living room to their albums (my poor mom).. then i spent decades playing guitar but always wanted to drum but never tried. I saw Gavin Harrison on letterman about 6 years ago and said ok.... now i'm getting drums. And that's it.


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Well I was 13, and wanted to play guitar. I realized I sucked and would always suck at guitar so I returned it and bought drums.

The bright side was none of my friends played drums so I fit a need. The bad side, none of my friends played drums and I had no idea what I was doing for a long time. Could never afford lessons.

John Bonham was the only drummer I cared about back then.

Ian S

Finally having a chance to actually play them. This happened when I was asked by a friend to join his band, replacing the bass player who had just quit. The drummer liked to take breaks, leaving the kit very unattended. I knew the first time I sat there, it was where I needed to be.
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I'm a gifted songwriter, singer and composer but I always wanted to play an instrument. I never dreamed it would be the drums. My father was a drummer, my late husband played the drums, keyboard and guitar, and my son is also a drummer. So for many years there was always a drum kit down my cellar that I now call "D's Drum Den" but never in a million years did I think that I could play drums.

Then one day at the age of 68 I went down the cellar, ripped off the sheet that was covering the kit, cranked the music, picked up a pair of sticks and the rest is history! There are 4 generations of drummers in our family, 11 drummers in all me being the only female. Boy do I wish I picked up those sticks when I was 17. Now in just a couple of months I'll be 70 years Young, staying in the groove, and I just keep ROCKIN' ON !!!

In another post you could read in detail... I tell the story of how Gene Krupa spoke over my life in 1952 and said to my parents as my mother cradled me in her arms "she looks like she's going to be a drummer" as he handed my father a pair of his drumsticks with his name stamped in green that I still have till this day 70 years later!

The black-and-white photo is me when I was 5 years old pictured with my father's Ludwig, blue and white pearl snare.

This is me... Drummer_D


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Music- The Beatles, 60s british Invasion music and Memphis Soul.

Drummer- Ringo, Al Jackson Jr., Muscle Shoals (Roger Hawkins), Doug Clifford

Person- My Dad... He played a b3 organ, but played drums in marching band in high school, so he had knowledge of basic groove/ and rudiments.

Style- I love the Memphis Sound, that laidback backbeat. Also I enjoy playing more "intricate" stuff, that isn't necessarily chops based, but groove based to fit the song. Alternate Sound sources are always fun. anything involving microtime.

Inspirations- The drummers that first inspired me were and are still my motiviation to keep playing, but finding new music from people like Dave King (Bad Plus) , Mark Guiliana, Brian Blade, and discovering players like Elvin Jones later on shifted my focus into Jazz and other Genres outside of rock.


Music: My two favourite bands are Nightwish and Iron Maiden. But I also like to listen: Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Stratovarius, Deep Purple, Scorpions and some Blind Guardian staff.
Drummer: I really got into it watching Jukka Nevalainen on my favourite DVD - Nightwish "Showtime, Storytime", and I like also Tommy Aldridge style of playing.
Person: definitely my twin sister. She made surprise for me and bought me my first drum sticks, practice pad, found me a teacher and organise my first drum lesson.
Style: heavy metal, symphonic metal, power metal, hard rock
Inspirations: Playing the drums was always my big dream, and finally at age 24 I could make it happend. My goal is to play songs of my two favourite bands, and because I am beginner (playing 1 year and 3 months) and this is metal music, it is long way ahead of me. So this is my motivation to keep going.
Music- (Genesis and with it the progressive rock which revealed to me all the musicality of a drum set)
Drummer- (the Phil Collins of the 70s showed me the musicality, the finesse, the velocity possible with this instrument)
Person- ( a friend who was starting his band invited me to take the drumsticks to accompany their band at a gig... without rehearsing beforehand! )
Style- ( pop rock, soul, jazz)
Inspirations- ( any drummer who has a real musicality and who enjoys playing with other musicians !)


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The music of the times grabbed me and we had a kit at home my Dad bought-so at 8 years of age it was stuff like Jan and Dean Surf city, Beach Boys Little Surfer Girl, Little Deuce Coup, The Chiffons He's so Fine, One Fine Day, The Fireballs Sugar Shack, Stevie Wonder Finger Tips, Martha and the Vandellas Heat Wave, Quick Sand, Surfaris Wipe Out, Franky Valli Candy Girl, Beatles Please, Please Me, You Really Gotta Hold on Me, etc., The Kingsmen Louie, Louie, The Angels My Boyfriend's back. Peter, Paul and Mary Blowing in the Wind, Puff the Magic Dragon, James Brown Live at the Apollo, Duke Ellington Money Jungle, Art Blakey Caravan, Ray Charles, etc., etc., etc. My two older brothers bought the early rock and pop records, and parents bought the rest (my Mom loved music-listen and play) which also included classical music too (but it had little appeal to me at 8). To this day the music just grabs me and my limbs go. It always seemed therapeutic and an escape from reality.