What are you listening to right now?


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Liner art, photos and advertising in the album jacket.


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playing some drums and this came up in my playlist, nice to see more videos of them :) I usually hate beatles covers cause people try to make it sound like beatles.. i kinda like this though, her guitar part in the middle is nice :)

btw.. 71 Was too early for dw i think, those would be camcos?


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Learning to play Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting). A real oldie but wow--fun, fun! It really rocks out (but I can't play it up to speed yet, so sticking to learning the groove)



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Well?..now that Chris Whitten just peeked in I put on Edie Brickels What I am to see if it stands up over time. It does indeed and IMO the drumming is a big part of it. I wish he'd have done something with local hero Tommy Bolin.


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If you do, remember that with the lights out, it’s less dangerous… 😀 (y)
Actually it’s good to be able to play with the lights out or your eyes closed 😵👀 playing blind. some of my best grooves are achieved with eyes wide shut , never let a power failure🦫 end a song or a set 👍🥁


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I'm listening to Captain Beefhearts Doc at the radar stations brick bats. Every so often I'm in a mood to zone in on this strange stuff. I'll listen to this for a couple days then not think about it for years.


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I've been helping out a friend with some grunt work for the past few weekends, and have found that not only is jazz perfect for it, but for some reason specifically fusion fits the bill.


Sure, Al Di Meola is an absolute master, and probably my favorite fusion guitarist of all time—sorry, John and Jeff—but Bill Connors is so underrated.


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Cory Wong