What are you listening to right now?


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It's 70 and sunny out.. driving to work at 6:30am and cranked up some...

BTW.. my favorite B52's song is this one.. i love playing it but by 3 minutes my right arm is just dead.. and no idea why. I am kind of wondering if i 'm concentrating so much on the foot part and tensing up.. (yeah.. i know.. easy song.. but i suck) :)
Is he playing a Rogers kit?


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Listening and watching this: "The art of drumming"

Great video except 19 minutes in Chad Smith interview from his aunt’s basement in Milwaukee critiquing Bill Ward - I’m not sure what he’s trying to say or why it was included in the video but the video is good. Ward is interviewed throughout and he’s always interesting to hear. Love Black Sabbath


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Our ex lead vocalists dog recently passed away who use to wander the rehearsals greeting everyone. I'm listening to Shannon which is a song about the passing of Brian Wilson's dog. Henry Gross is the artist. That song will come SO close to getting you wiping a tear from your eye.
I just put my 14 year old lab down in January. God i miss my big boy.


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Double bass pioneer Louie Bellson…what makes it even more impressive is that he’s wearing a suit with 0% Lycra spandex and still moving around with lightning speed


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