What are you listening to right now?


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Black Pumas. Live stream from LA concert last night. Bass & drums pocket so BIG it holds the whole band! Skip to 1:19:00 for their most popular Grammy-winning song. Check out that swing during guitar solo! Fantastic drumming by Steve Bidwell.


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I wish I'd had as much independence between my limbs as he has between all his fingers..
That was fantastic. Great arrangement great playing. Interesting to see flamenco technique on a steel string. I like how he shifted emphasis between the vocal melody, the lead guitar, and the rhythm guitar part so the most memorable bits of each got included. And then he added his own embellishments in several spots. Impressed!


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Maybe. Where in the video did you see him?
7 seconds from the end just for a split second if you don’t blink you can catch a very quick glimpse