"Wake 'n Break" Series


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Today's wake 'n break is a somewhat sparse and simple groove in 6/4 that has a lingering buzz stroke and a lingering open note on the hi-hats. Taking the bass drum first, we have notes falling on 1, the "&" of 2, and on the "&" of 6. Moving along to the hi-hats, we have an open notes on 1 and 3 as well as closed notes on 2 and 4. Last but not least, our snare drum has a buzz stroke on 3 that lingers until beat 5, followed by accented notes on "5&" and a final ghost note on the "&" of 6. As always, I hope you dig it and much love!

Wake n Break No. 1893 - Sparse 6/4 Groove With A Lingering Buzz Stroke & Lingering Hi-Hat Note

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