Visiting NY in November! Help me plan my trip! :)


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Hi everyone!
Like some of you may know, I won a pretty huge talent award here in Norway. For that money I've now desided to visit NY, and I'm going this November. I'll be staying in NY from the 3rd of November - 14th of November.
Now, I've been to NY once before, and I loved it to death! It was without a doubt the best trip I've ever been on, and therefore I'm coming back for more!
BUT this time it's all about music, and my main goal is to make a little home-made "study-trip", to take, hopefully, many lessons with different NY drummers, see a lot of concerts and just get a lot of inspiration to continue developing and improving my drumming.

I made a thread some time ago about you giving me some tips, tricks and recommendations on things to do in NY, but it was too far ahead to say anything really. I got a lot of good information in that thread, but now I have some dates to plan around, so now everything seems a bit more realistic! Therefore if you guys could give me some tips and answers on the following:

- What clubs/concert halls should I check out?
- Where can I find good drum teachers? (I've sent some e-mails to different drummers, but I haven't gotten any answers!)
- Where's the best shops for drum equipment?
- Do you have something you want to recommend me to do in NY? It can be anything, really! But my main priority is to get inspired and motivated to continue practising and working hard to improve my drumming...
Therefore I'm hoping to get lessons with some great teachers..!

All inputs, recommendations and answers are welcome!

Yours sincerely,


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You can check out and see who is playing there the time you are in NYC, also Greenwich Village area are a lot of clubs you can check out.
There is a free magazine you can pick up in some stores where all the action is in around town.
Sorry I forgot the name of the magazine.
Also what I would do check out the Imax on Lincoln square, if they have a good movie there at that time go and see it.
That Imax is huge, I loved it.