Virgil Donati


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I can't find the video, I saw him play a very early instruction video (wearing a big leather jacket), and though young and practiced/developed quite a bit since, he was a monster then.

My only critic, I haven't found (not that I'm actively looking) of a musical situation I really dug. Planet X was not for me and I don't care for all the fusion-metal's become a drummer's drummer kind of thing. I'd like to hear Virgil in an acoustic situation, maybe a jazz piano trio to see what he would do or some weird line up, maybe there are records people could point to that show other sides of his playing. Some much talent, would like to hear a situation to really match it.

I'm a big Zakir Hussain fan. There are a million tabla players that know subdivision inversions and can do math games at a crazy high level. But he has more than several qualities that separate him from the field: knows western music exceptionally well and is a top tier jazz improviser....but for all the Indian classical he knows how to make the 'math' stuff digestible for any audience and make melodic, which is a difficult feat to have complex music 'listenable'. Reminds of a Bruford quote, something like he wanted engage both a non-musician or someone like Max Roach at the highest level at the same time, that would then be saying something.



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Virgil&Jack Jones (Irwin Thomas) used to play in a Van Halen tribute band called "Hans Valen" there's clips of them on Youtube FWIW&IMHO&HON (honest&humble opinion) there's NO other musician (let alone a drummer) that's as more: determined, disciplined,focused&motivated to both bettering himself&his craft then Virgil i mean ffs he;s been PLAYING since the age of 3!!!!!.I'd like to hear&see him play bebop, bigband, c&w&jazz&reggae!!!!!.


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To humble anyone who thought they were bad ass with the double bass:
These guys are monsters.