Virgil Donati


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Can't find ANYTHING about his NEW DW kit or what series hardware he uses neither on DW'S website or on Virgils! :(,
ANYONE on here know what series, sizes, of his DW kit(s) &what DW series hardware he's using?.


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I love Austin Burcham's Study the Greats series. He has a new video analyzing Virgil Donati:

"He's in a different stratosphere. He's gone into conceptual environments that nobody else has even dared to think about. And the fact that he can physically execute all these concepts is a testament to what has to be just an unrelenting discipline and dedication to this instrument that not many people are willing to do. The dude is on a different level."

I actually laughed when the transcript came up.


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Virgil has a new album in the making:

Thanks for the video, it's always a fascinating experience to listen to Virgil's studio videos and all of these virtuoso guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and others. Along with the great of the jazz, the progressive of the 70, this is what I like the most.

At 15:00, freaking awesome. :)

I already watched that video, making of Ruination, but it's a pleasure to listen to it again. it's incredible that humans can do music like that, the very best of the best in their style.