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I'm wondering if there is any consensus on Video Editing Software? I'm not super into movie editing(I don't even like movies), however I would like to put some reasonable visual effects out there with my videos. In the past I sort of kludged it together, but I think movie editing has come a long way, and there may be some nice editors out there.

The initial research I did, seems to indicate PowerDirector to be a contender, looks like it has nice automated green screen(static background removal) effects. Another one I have seen are After Effects, which seems to be a nice product for generating visuals from music.

They are never super clear about the license, it seems I have seen there is a monthly but also a one time fee.

I know it gets away from music, but the drums are some of the most visual of instruments.

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I would recommend you take a serious look at the Adobe Premiere Pro Suite. A little over a decade ago most people in creative communities were using Final Cut Pro for digital editing. Those who were editing film were predominantly using AVID. When Apple turned its back on the very group that solidified it as the “go to” nonlinear digital editing platform, the FCP crowd jumped ship and switched to Adobe Premiere. If you’re in the position of paying a monthly subscription fee for the Adobe Cloud Suite it will do everything you want and then some. The big benefit is if you want to hand off your files for special effects or colorization it will be very easy to do so.