Video Demo of a few bottom snare tunings


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I swapped the original Ludwig head for a Hazy Ambassador, and figured I'd take some video of my tuning experiments. Turns out I don't actually need to tune my bottom heads as high as I have been...

Here's the Video!


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I actually preferred any of the three lower tunings. Once you got beyond that point, overtones and "honk" were accentuated, but nothing much was gained in terms of sensitivity or definition. Where you ended up was quite nice.

BTW, your lowest pitch was still quite a bit higher than what I would call low, it seemed. That's about what I would call a mid range pitch for the snare side, if I'm hearing it correctly through my headphones.

Thanks for the test. Nice playing and great sounding drums!

Rock Salad

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That's a good drum for a great player. All sounded good in their own way. Four matched the toms especially well I thought.