Vatan Aluminum 20.5 cm dia. Turkish Goblet Drum converting to Carl Palmer Half inch Stainless Steel Upper Body

I am an Carl Palmer fan. I know Carl Palmers Stainless Steel Drum kit and I am totally in love with its sound. I know his drum kit was made of half an inch stainless steel.
I ordered today Vatan Aluminum Turkish Goblet Drum with the aim of converting its upper cylinder body in to half inch stainless steel while using its rings and screws as the necessary parts

The goblet drum skin is 20.5 centimeters diameter and total lenght of the goblet drum is 37 cms.

I found too many stainless steel laser cutting and rolling services and I will order a welding for two sides meeting.

Why ?

Listen , enemy gods dances with black sprits from emerson lake and palmer and you may find the same harmonics comes from professionally tuned goblet drum.
I dont know how drum kits been tuned but I found if you tighten the new skin on to goblet drum head and tight it there is no space for screws and than heat the plastic skin with infrared room heater -7 inches far - 12 seconds or less - and do this with constantly hitting with fingers and than reapply the process , you find very interesting satisfying overtones close to carl palmer tones.

This goblet drum with very well tuned skin is the first drum I have ever found close to carl palmer kit.

Thats why improving goblet drum would be very fun and interesting.

I am open ears to hear your suggestions.

Thank you,

Mustafa Umut Sarac


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I completed my research on sourcing for stainless steel , cutting and rolling and welding operations and skin sourcing.

First of all , darbuka will be at my hand in saturday evening. I will write more exactly about dimensions.

I have Vatan branded Turkish made darbuka. They export 70000 units to 20 countries around the world. Its factory is located at european side of istanbul. More clearly it is Vatan 134 , 20.5 cm - 8.07 inches - diameter skin , aluminum engraved with steel hammer , Turkish style darbuka. Its total lenght is 37 cms.

I will make the cylinder between two LUGS out of very thick stainless steel inspired by carl palmer's stainless drum kit.
I will add Carl Palmer , 2500 kilograms weight stainless steel drum kit details to this post.

I will use CR18NI8 , 304 Quality musical stainless steel bar. 304 quality stainless steel is used by Thomastik Infeld to build their famous double bass strings used by Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen. You can search his music played with Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass.

I found 60 mm high x 10 mm thick x 70 cm long stainless steel 304 grade material for less than 30 dollars. I AM WAITING THE INSTRUMENT TO FIND REAL HEIGHT of the cylinder.. I will report here

They sell the bars for too many sizes , thicknesses and they cut for your request
I will use 8 inch diameter REMO HEAD, Probably ambassador but vatan 134 darbuka have 8.07 inch head. I will figure out and will report here.
Mustafa Umut Sarac



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