Two 18” Crashes


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After years of just using one crash and a ride on my rock kit I’ve ended up with 18” K Thin as my right hand crash and 18” K Medium Thin as my left hand crash. I just really liked the sound of them both and couldn’t decide which to sell. At volume It’s like playing one crash but without ever having to cross my hands - I’m lazy like that : )

Martin Novom

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I've been using two 18" crashes together. You wouldn't think these would sound good together but they do.

18" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
18" Sabian SR2 Thin (has a nice dry sound, was most likely an HH or an HHX Legacy crash)

I am in the market for a 19 or 20 to replace the A Custom. Thinking an HHX Complex Crash maybe.
Lefty: Did you replace your 18" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash yet? I'm in the market for just that cymbal. Martin


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Close to 25 years ago, I started using two crashes in my (then) band. Back then, 16"/18" bundles were standard and, consequently, an excellent way to save money. Eventually, I developed this crutch in my playing where I would use both crashes in quick succession. Over time my head kept wanting to hear the same sound for both hits. Since the 16" crash was starting to get drowned in the ever-increasing distortion (and lower tuning), I moved to two 18"s, which fit my situation like a glove.

From then on, every time I built a new set, I'd use two identical size crashes in front. My full-size Agop Trad set has two (2) matching 18in mediums Sultan and two (semi) matching 10" Sultan splashes.

My smaller set for Church has two 16"s: one is an A Custom and the other an Avedis & CIE (limited edition), but they blend so well I would not swap any of them out.