Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs for Drums


Very enjoyable video.

For me Black Dog has the most original and hard to replicate drumming in it.

It was interesting watching you play Whole Lotta Love. It made me wonder if Gary Mallaber lifted the intro to “Take the Money and Run” from Bonham?

Huw Owens

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Custard Pie is a very satisfying drum part to play.
Candy Store Rock has some rhythmic shape shifting that always brings a smile too.
Sick Again lazily turns the beat around, Darlene dances along, For Your Life grooves like anything, and there are twists & turns in In The Light that are sublime. Some great "falling down the stairs" fills in that song too.



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All of it.

I will go with a deep cut that I always loved....... Carouselambra from In Through the Out Door


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From a drumming standpoint, it's inaccurate to differentiate between easy versus intricate Zeppelin tracks. Doing so confuses the concept of a beat with that of a groove. A beat is a mere numerical suggestion, a series of notes governed by a time signature and organized in measures. Any decent drummer can play a beat with proficiency. A groove, on the other hand, is a unique crafting and execution of a beat, shaped by each drummer's singular persona. No one, and I do mean no one, can replicate, in exquisite detail, the mysterious elements of Bonham's grooves, no matter how simple his beats may be. Abandon the pursuit before you disappoint yourself. Zeppelin songs are to be admired, not covered. I've never heard a good Zeppelin cover in my life.

True, George Fludas comes pretty close, you can hear his own signature seep in from time to time though, which proves your point.