Throne Buttkicker/Transducer


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I'm thinking of doing my own throne buttkicker/transducer setup to regain my kick during gigs. I'd love a Porter Davies setup but they don't sell just the electronics alone. I already have the shaker and few PP thrones to use.

My thinking:
>dynamic kick mic connected to a Rolls CL151 gate/limiter with built in preamp. Don't know if I'd need a x-over.
>The Rolls connected to a small but powerful enough amp (need ideas)
>The amp connected to Aurasound AST-2B-4 shaker (have 2 but will try 1) mounted to underside of Pork Pie seat

Has anyone done their own setup and what are you using, amps, mic or drum module and trigger, preamp, etc? Thanks.
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I don't know how much all of that will cost, but it may be less expensive and definitely easier to just buy a ButtKicker. I've been using the ButtKicker Concert models for almost 16 years and am very happy with them. There are less-robust models that they offer which will help keep your cost down. You will need a powerful amp, just so that the thump doesn't choke on you. Nothing worse than playing dynamically, and the thumper feels like it's compressing; the harder you hit, the quieter it seems to get.

You will also need to gate the signal, so that any bass drum resonance or low-end from the bass guitar don't just vibrate the thumper. That's very distracting when what you really want is just your kick.