Three Pairs of Drum Overheads and a Song of Sorts


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The way I see it, the best way to hear the actual impact of microphone choice is to hear it in context of a mix, and since I have three pairs of overheads, I threw a song together so I could hear the differences. And filmed it, so of course here’s the video:

414s vs. KM184s vs. R84s

Ribbons won for me. By far the fattest toms and the cymbals seemed the most three-dimensional. That 3D quality is the same reason I love my R121 on guitar amps... maybe I need more ribbon mics.


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Very nice playing BTW :)

LDCs / ribbons for kit solo, or for a more natural vibe with close mic's backed off in lower dynamic music, but for most up tempo / bigger sound stuff, I think the Neumanns offer a more defined landscape in a full mix.