Thinking of getting a DW Performance series kit. Any thoughts?


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Well, I pulled the trigger and bought a 13/16/24 setup. I will try the stock heads and see if I like them, if not I have aquarian response 2 coated or clear emperors to use instead.

Hopefully I will really enjoy these.

Regarding the stock heads, what I hear when using those is the reso head "note" seems about the same volume as the overall fundamental note. A very interesting sound.


Congrats! I'm pretty sure that you will like them. North American maple, graduated hoops, STM mounts, True-Pitch tuning rods - it all adds up to a very satisfying experience.

It's easy to harbour a "meh" attitude towards DW then you get a kit for yourself and suddenly you're in the "okay - I get it now!" camp. :)
Now I just need to get another snare in addition to my Gretsch COB 5X14. It never ends!