The Saturn 'exhibition room' (post your saturn kits)


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My new Saturn V in flat black maple burl!!! 7x8, 9x12, 16x16, and 18x22. Outfitted with EC2's on batters, G1 on 8 & 12 Resos and EC resonant on the 16. Evans EMAD with regular patches. This kit is great for anything but with this configuration of heads, it's amazing for metal. This is now my only acoustic kit, I used to have a Pearl SSC and a Yamaha. I think I'm done (I hope :)) Here's pics from my band's studio:

Snares are Yamaha Musashi (6.5x13 main) and Gretsch round badge (5x14 circa 1955). All Zildjians, mostly K's

Darth Vater

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Mapex Saturn.......... the answer to the world's problems. Just picked these up used for a ridiculously low price. 22x16, 12x8, 14x14, 16x16.