The millennium Flexi Flyer

Bo Eder

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I resurrected my 1978 Tama Flexi Flyer today. The original yoke assembly cracked at one of the posts and I was left with the footboard. Luckily I had a spare newer Yamaha FP6110 strap drive pedal sitting in a forgotten case in the garage so I switched out the foot boards and the old Tama fit perfectly!

After my initial learning on a second hand Speed King when I was 10 in 1976, I spent ALOT of time with the original Tama Flexi Flyer (which is basically the old Camco/Gretsch Floating Action pedal that influenced every pedal - even DW - until today). So it’s nice to have this old footboard going again on a better built chassis. With the new strap, fresh spring, good bearings, it feels brand new!

Cmdr. Ross

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I had a pair of Tama King Beat pedals with this same footboard.
This looks great!

Cmdr. Ross

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I even tried a King Beat too - it felt a bit more sluggish to me - even for a new pedal, especially compared to the free swinging of the Flexi.
100%. They were Tama's answer to the Speed King & were unnecessarily overbuilt.