The Drumeo Neil Peart Social Media Blitz...


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IDK but you are probably right. Cathy was involved with the memorial concerts long before BFB and who initiated the project, But I believe Neil fronted the capital for the project probably as one of the few high profile artists who could afford to do so. What the business backend for Neil's production part, who can say but at least Buddy's family was directly involved to the respect of both the project and earnings. If I had to speculate, everyone walked away reasonably happy on a successful album...and Neil did a ton of work and clearly a labor of love and respect for the music and Buddy himself. But to front a high profile tribute and to speculate Neil doesn't support tributes makes zero sense to me.

However conceptually, a Rush/Neil tribute where drummers take karaoke cracks at Neil's composed parts is very boring to me, even if in good heart. Buddy's arrangements were very malleable and full of interpretation for a diverse group of world-class drummers to play themselves and not trying to match Buddy's left hand. Compare this to something that is highly composed; literally, if you are not playing Neil's part, you are not playing the song. The recent Ohio State video is far more interesting to me or even the Bad Plus's interpretation of Tom Sawyer. But we are in an era of YouTube, anybody can tribute anyone for better or worse. So if I had to speculate, Neil wouldn't find this artistically interesting at all either. For me, Neil's intellect was his most inspiring would need something to match that side beyond reproducing drum parts for a proper tribute.
Yeah, the interpretation that each player brought to the stage and the tribute album are what made it interesting and special, IMO.


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I kinda disagree about the crossroads album.. i will admit at least half of it wasn't great but.. i was playing tonight and this popped up and i think they did it justice..