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Looking for a Sonor Phonic D505 (14" x 5.75") - let me know if you have one or have a lead.


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SOLD------I am selling my 3 piece DW Jazz Mahogany/Gum/Mahogany kit with snare (all MINT condition) and bags for $2,500 (+ shipping CONUS).

DW- Tom Tom 9” depth x 13” diameter; Timbre Note E
DW- Floor Tom 16” depth x 16” diameter; Timbre Note Eb
DW- Bass Drum 16” depth x 22” diameter: Timbre Note E
DW- Snare 7” depth x 14” diameter; Timbre Note B

I listed these drums on Reverb with pics.

I am NOT interested in trades. Thank you for looking. Please PM if you have any questions.
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This is a collection only item and cash on collection is the only payment method I will be accepting. I will not accept paypal payments for this collection only item. This is because I heard there has been fraudulent activity involving collection only items being paid for with paypal. I think what has sometimes happened is that a buyer has paid for an item with paypal and then has collected (or used an accomplice to collect the item) the item from the seller address as part of a collection only item but then has put in a paypal claim shortly after claiming they haven’t received the item. Unfortunately the situation here seems to be that paypal will refund the fraudulent claim meaning that the seller has basically given their item away for free. This also seems to be the case even if the seller has taken photographs of a buyer or accomplice collecting an item and also producing signed receipts and other documents regarding collection by the buyer or accomplice. Nothing like this it seems is accepted by paypal as proof evidence and neither they, the police or any other authority can help a seller who has been a victim of this fraudulent activity to receive their goods or money back. I appreciate not all buyers commit this type of fraudulent activity but it’s going on and has been for some time. Again for this reason I will not accept any paypal payments and any received will most likely be refunded and the item won’t be available under these conditions. I am genuinely sorry about this but it’s a situation that I haven’t created or ever participated in.

Collection is from Scunthorpe, Uk.

Any potential buyer will need to respect and acknowledge social distancing. This is hopefully to provide some protection for everybody. Masks and gloves can be worn if required and I will myself if I think it’s needed.

Anyway here are the item details for anyone interested;

KAT KT2 digital drum kit in average to good condition. All of the pads and cymbals with their functionalities have been tested and all seem to work fine.

Additional items include an official additional KAT crash cymbal which was bought brand new recently and hasn’t had a lot of use. This means as part of this setup there are two crash cymbals instead of just one. There is also a separate ride cymbal stand included as well as a Mapex Tornado bass drum pedal. Also there is a brand new official KAT hi-hat pad that has been fitted to the kit and has literally only just been taken out of the packaging and fitted to the kit to test and is in the photograph on the kit. Again the only use it has had has been to test it.

The only items that are needed are a chair or drum stool throne and also a pair of headphones. These are not included with the listing and aren’t in any of the photographs. I use a Mapex Tornado drum stool throne (again not included in the listing) and I wouldn’t say these are too expensive. A pair of average to good headphones may be a little more expensive but again I wouldn’t say too expensive generally speaking. An amp can be used with the kit but I have never owned or used one with a kit. Again one of these isn’t included with the listing or in any of the photographs.

Also included are the original manual, setup guides, a pair of drumsticks (unopened), a spare bass pedal beater (unopened), the original drum key and also a spare official KAT hi-hat pad (used). All of these can be seen in one of the photographs.


IMG_20200531_124529 copy.jpg

IMG_20200531_125309 copy.jpg
for sale: Gretsch Vintage Diamond Plate Floor Tom Legs and Brackets

1 set is brand new. asking $75 shipped. legs are 21" long.
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21” Paiste Signature Dark Full Ride! This has been really great for the eight years I’ve had it, but with the new Dark Energy it’s time to let it go to someone who needs it more than I do. Super sweet cymbal; one of those rare types that’s bright and complex at the same time, with one of the best bells I’ve ever played.

$350 plus shipping, or best offer. I’m in central NC.



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Will try this but seems to be mainly US based. Here goes..................

Tama Silverstar Custom in beautiful Sapphire Blue Burst Lacquer.

The Silverstar is the current version of the older Superstar.

Features -

100% Birch Shells with lacquered innards. 6 ply, 6mm Tomtom & Snare shells with 7 ply, 7mm Bass Drum Shell. Star Mount Isolation System for the mounted tomtoms. Triple Flange "Sticksaver" Hoops. Sliding Bass Drum Tomtom Mounting.

Fully stripped down, all shells deep cleaned, mopped, Carnauba waxed & ceramic sealed. All chrome mirror polished & is flawless.

Little used Evans G2 Coated batter heads on the tomtoms with a coated G1 on the snare. All original resonant heads. Bass drum has it's original Batter & resonant heads which are perfect.

There are no marks or scratches on this kit which makes it immaculate in every way.

All memory locks are present.

Sizes are -

22x18 Bass Drum

10x8 Mounted Tomtom

12x9 Mounted Tomtom

16x14 Floor Tomtom

14x5.5 Matching Snare Drum.

This is as close as you can get to a brand new kit. Ready to gig, record, tour or rehearse with. Wants for absolutely nothing.

What's included -

Bass Drum,

3 x Tomtoms,

Matching Snare.

Bass mounted Tomtom Mount,

3 x Floor Tom Legs.

All other stands, Cymbals, Pedals are for display purpose only & are NOT included.

Overall, a fantastic "As New" 100% Birch kit in the upper mid level region for starter kit money.


Kevin (North Nottinghamshire)

E807F772-EB81-49B3-B95A-3A5D4686A9DE_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
70FF654C-F6F1-4041-9A06-40059F328241_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
E81F191D-F5ED-4CE8-80C9-62E7D5728872_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
B7B2E848-7AEC-4F44-AAF1-635CA4730E59_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
8B0EE681-3194-4D34-8C38-3922A4B46087_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
2487B6DC-3DFD-4E5D-9BF6-6217ADAE4D52 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
A6890CBC-8AE3-4531-BEF8-9FEE3042D005 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
D023ECA4-B39E-4B07-9E23-3702AB0EBDA9 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr



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  • Mapex Saturn 5 Piece Cherry Sparkle Kit w Evans G2 Heads and Tom Stands
  • Mapex Daisy Cutter Snare w Evans HD Dry Heads
  • 14" Sabian HHX Evolution Hi-Hats
  • 17" Sabian AAX Dark Crash
  • 19" Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash
  • 18" Sabian Custom Shop Crash
  • 21" Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride
  • 19" Sabian AAX X-Treme China
  • 8" Sabian Radia Cup Chime
  • 12" Sabian HH Max Stax China
  • DW 3000 Hi-Hat Stand
  • Cymbal Boom Stands and Arm Mounts
  • Pearl Eliminator P2002C Pedals w Red Cams
  • Pork Pie Throne

All items are in excellent condition
Serious buyers only
Asking $2800 + Shipping (CONUS)




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Zildjian K Custom Dark Crashes 17 18
Excellent condition, zero issues. These open up nicely and have no harsh overtones and complement each other beautifully.

Updated: sold to Darth Vater for $360 shipped (my first dealings with the dark side).

More pics here
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Zildjian A Custom Hi Hat 13" (still available 8/7/20)

Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 16" (still available 8/7/20)

Great sounding hats, bright, cutting, no harsh overtones. I replaced these with custom extra dry hats to match my darker, dry cymbals, so they're up for sale. No key holing, chips, cracks, etc, just fingerprints.

$140 to continental US
$15 shipping (USPS Priority Mail)


16" K Custom Dark Crash, mint condition. Absolutely beautiful crash sound. Please check out some demos on youtube if you haven't heard these before. So nice!
$170 to continental US
$15 shipping (USPS Priority Mail)

More pics here:
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This Pacific SX series snare drum is absolutely awesome, both in sound and looks. It's a 5.5" depth with chrome plated brass tube lugs and True Pitch DW t-rods. The Gibraltar contoured wooden hoops are new but have been sanded down in places to give it a "worn" look and restained to give a vintage look. The maple ply shell was restained to match the hoops. Both the DW mag throw-off and 3 position butt plate are new. The engine on this drum is a new set of Gibraltar 42 strand wires. The Aquarian Modern Vintage II head is used although just barely and performs like new. The drum is tuned and ready to play out of the box. The last photo is the shell in it's original color. Sort of yellow. It is now more like a pale chocolate.
Keep in mind my refurbishing this drum was to give it a classic vintage look while maintaining all the modern essentials provided by Drum Workshop. $250 shipped


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For Sale:
70s 3-Ply Slingerland Kit 12/13/16/22
Re-wrapped in green sparkle
Shells are in good condition but wrap is a little loose in spots.
Asking $600 but open to offers. Would prefer local pickup, I'm located on Long Island, NY.
Thanks for viewing.