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Bump for Price Drop-- $2,500.

I am selling my 3 piece DW Jazz Mahogany/Gum/Mahogany kit with snare and bags for $2,800.


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WTB - Needle in a haystack search... Mapex Saturn III in Sterling Sparkle, fusion kit, 10/12/14/22, with or without snare.

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this seems like normal drum sizes. What does DW think makes it a jazz set. Just asking
My understanding from researching the DW website when I purchased them was that the hybrid shell with Gumwood in the middle distinguished this series as "Jazz" from the DW Collector's series. I always thought of the Jazz series as DW's attempt at older Gretsch style drums.

When I ordered these drums, I was able to order any sizes I wanted; there were no restrictions on sizes available similar to ordering Collector's. For what it is worth, each drum's interior sticker with the Order Number and Timbre Note describes the drum as "Collector's Mahogany Gum."


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I have a pair of Gibraltar 12.7 mm (1/2") L-rods and a new set of 3 DW 25" chrome floor tom legs.

The L-rods fit most DW and Gretsch toms, I'm not sure what brands. They do NOT fit Tama Star-Cast mounts, which is why I'm selling them.

DW Foor Tom legs (25 inches) - these are new. Was going to use them with my 14" floor tom but never got around to using that drum in my kit.

Free shipping to Continental US

lrods 011.jpg

ftlegs 009.jpg
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Have some more cymbals that I am no longer using up for sale. All are in excellent condition and have the typical light logo fade from past cleanings. Shipping in CONUS generally tends to be $22-25 but send me your ZIP for more accurate cost.

Sabian 21" HHX Groove Ride (natural finish) - $300
Sabian 19" AAX X-Plosion Crash (brilliant finish) - $185 (the logos mostly gone, I have the top "AAX" touched up only)
Paiste 20" 2002 Big Beat (natural finish) - $250

PM me If you have any questions, request for pics, etc.


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Is anyone in Toronto, ON looking to rent shared monthly rehearsal space?

I have a modest space with good equipment and excellent rates. I also have a few days/nights to choose from.

PM me if you're interested or have any questions.



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I've got some drum-tec pro series mesh heads I'm looking to sell. They cost me $180 shipped from Germany. I was working toward a more quiet kit, but not super quiet. These heads have a realistic feel and some tone, but still quiet enough for most situations. I never got the cymbal part of the equation to work though, so I'm moving on. The heads were put on and used lightly for less than a week and removed.

Here's the reverb listing, but we can just work through this site:


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Wanting To Buy a DW Classics Series tom and/or floor tom in emerald onyx wrap. Looking for a 12" tom, 16" floor tom. Also, got a DrumCraft Series 8 maple 6 piece in satin white that I would maybe sell as well.
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FS: (US) TD-15K Drum Kit (+ Expanded) $1,100.00

It's time to sell my first kit. It's been very good to me, but since I have done an A2E conversion, I no longer play the TD-15K.
I take great care with my equipment.
Feel free to contact me for any questions.

So before I put this on Reverb, eBay and Local, I thought I'd post to the drumming communities beforehand.
  • Roland TD-15K E-Kit (+ expanded)
    • Base Kit (5 Piece) turned into a 6 Piece.
    • Replaced horizontal right straight bar w/ 36” curved bar to hold extra Pad
    • Moved ‘Snare’ 8” PDX-8 Pad to Floor Tom position
    • Added 13 X 8 Hart Professional Snare (metallic hammered shell)
    • Added center vertical post (in picture) is for a Roland BT-1 Trigger Pad. BT-1 is currently on my other kit, but can be added back to this kit easily (negotiable).
    • I also made carrying cases for all hardware. Stand folds up with cabling in place.
    • Also, I do have a number of VEX kits added to the module. Far better than the standard 50 that comes with the kit.
    • This is gently used but well maintained. Used for practice, rehearsals and some minor gigs. Some stick marks on pads.
    • DOES NOT come with snare stand, kick pedal or throne
I'm going to spitball and I have a rough estimate of $150 shipping in the continental US. Free pickup if you're local.

Call, Text or PM if interested...
Kevin 636-368-6802

I live in St. Louis, Missouri
PayPal or cashiers check


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Pearl Export Lacquer EXL725/C249 5-Piece Standard Drum Set with Hardware, Honey Amber - NIB never played or assembled. - $600
I got this kit for an open mic night that never got going

SABIAN cymbal 22 arm display, w/ 4 custom shelves and an additional 12 cymbal arms (cymbals NOT included).
I do NOT need the cash or space so this is "make me an offer I can't refuse" type thing. No trades.


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Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? Thanks in advance.

The cymbals are worth maybe $15-20. I can’t speak with absolute sureness to the drums, but I’m guessing around $150-200 in that condition. They’re old enough to not have suspension mounts, but not old enough to really be vintage.