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1) If you are selling equipment, please give all relevant details. What are you selling, what condition is it in, how old is it, how much money are you asking for, what is the location of the equipment, will you allow pick up if bought locally, how much is shipping if it's not bought locally, where you are willing to ship. Post pictures or links to pictures if there are any available.

2) If you are interested in buying any equipment advertised please send the seller a PM or email and continue business privately from there on. Responding in this thread with a post like "I want to buy those cymbals, are they still for sale?" is likely to go unnoticed by the seller.

3) DrummerWorld will not be held liable for any aspect of any transaction resulting from any information in this thread. We provide this thread as an advertising interface.

4) This service is for private sellers only. No commercial ventures or spam allowed. Suspected spammers will be instantly and permanently banned from DrummerWorld. Please post your own photographs and respect copyrighted material.

5) This thread will remain Sticky, but all posts older than 90 days will be deleted in the interest of keeping things current. If your items are still for sale or if you are still looking for an item after your post has been deleted, please feel free to repost.
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Any forum members in the US need or want an Acrolite in really nice shape? $150 plus actual shipping, for forum members. I'm asking a bit more elsewhere.

It's a pointy Blue-Olive badge model, I believe from the seventies. Everything is original except the snare wires. 5X14.

I'm trying to thin the herd. Get it before they go up any more in price. :)
Would you do a trade swap for a Acrolite black galaxy 14x5 for this Acrolite? I actually want the original Acrolite than the black galaxy I have


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1970s COS 14" set of Ludwig 10 lug snare drum hoops in good or excellent condition that will fit on a 1976 ludwig Supraphonic LM402

Msg me if you have

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I am looking to SELL a pair of:

- Sabian 14” Paragon Hi-hat Cymbals.

They are in very good condition. Great rock sound and well defined “chk”. PM me for pricing/info. Glad to discuss and world out a good deal for my drummerworld friends.

Pictures here.
I am also looking to BUY:

- Sabian 14” HHX Evolution Hi-hats (Pair). Let me know if you have a pair you are willing to sell.

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Hey all, I have a whole slew of gear I'm looking to sell as I simply don't use them anymore. The link to my Reverb site is below with all pics and pricing. If interested let me know via PM instead of the Reverb site thanks!

Bump for Price Drop-- $2,500.

I am selling my 3 piece DW Jazz Mahogany/Gum/Mahogany kit with snare and bags for $2,800.

DW Serial # 006664- Tom Tom 9” depth x 13” diameter; Timbre Note E
DW Serial # 006665- Floor Tom 16” depth x 16” diameter; Timbre Note Eb
DW Serial # 006666- Bass Drum 16” depth x 22” diameter: Timbre Note E
DW Serial # 004571- Snare 7” depth x 14” diameter; Timbre Note B

Also available for an additional $300 is a Collector’s DW Serial # 630489- Black Nickel over Brass Snare 6.5” depth x 14” diameter.

Points for consideration:

The average Collector’s/Jazz 3 piece shell pack (new) starts at around $3,300, excluding a snare.

All of the drums for sale are in MINT condition- flawless finish, well cared for, and hardly used.

I am a hobbyist musician (a very generous description). I have never played music outside of the comfort of my home. My drums have never been gigged or transported anywhere since I purchased them new in 2015. They have been stored in Drum Seeker padded bags in my home (A/C, no pets, no smoking).

Why sell? Regretfully, I just do not have the time to play drums, and I could benefit from down-sizing to free up space.

I am NOT interested in trades.

I prefer selling locally for CASH; I do not have PayPal. I’m located in South Florida. Driving a reasonable distance or even potentially shipping (at buyers expense) could be further discussed privately.

Thank you for looking. Please PM if you have any questions. I have a few more pictures, if needed.View attachment 89431View attachment 89433View attachment 89434View attachment 89435View attachment 89436View attachment 89437View attachment 89438View attachment 89439View attachment 89440
Good for you to take extra care of these drums. Lucky for the one who's going to buy it.


Well coronavirus has hit me hard financially & I've got to sell my collection of drums or I'll be out in the street in 30 days. I don't want to be responsible for shipping something as big as a drum set so I would rather sell them local here in New Orleans - but I'll ship cymbals at your expense.

1) 2019 Yamaha Recording Custom - 5 pc (22"bass, 16"fl tom, 10, 12, & 13 m. toms) - Piano Black - 13" tom is older add-on = $2800.
2) 2018 Ludwig Centennial Series Zep 4 pc (26x14, 14x10, 16x16,18x16) - Silver Sparkle - Like New = $850.
3) 1960's Ludwig 3 Ply Maple Set - 4 pc (22x14, 13x9, 14x10, 18x16) - Red Sparkle - player condition = $1200.
4) 2019 Yamaha Stage Custom - 6 pc (22", 16"fl tom, 10, 12, & 14" Mounted Toms, 14" snare) - Natural Lacquer - great cond = $600.
5) 2018 Gretsch RN2 Renown (24x14, 16x16, 13x9, & 13x10) - Blue Metal Flake (looks silver/charcoal) BEAUTIFUL- excellent Cond - $850.
6) 18" Paiste 2002 - Power Crash - good shape = $200.
7) 20" Zildjian - K Series - Custom Hybrid - good shape = $200.-SOLD
8) 20" Zildjian - Vintage 1960's - A Series - Ride/crash = $140.
9) 14x8 TAMA - Bubinga - Snare Drum/ Tom = BEAUTIFUL = $350.

Also have Paiste 22" 2000 & 20" 2000 Rides & maybe some other stuff - can't think & too tired to write any more. I can't send pictures cause it says files are too big. If ur interested contact me.

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Pearl Export Lacquer EXL725/C249 5-Piece Standard Drum Set with Hardware, Honey Amber - NIB never played or assembled. - $600
I got this kit for an open mic night that never got going
View attachment 90080View attachment 90081View attachment 90082View attachment 90083

SABIAN cymbal 22 arm display, w/ 4 custom shelves and an additional 12 cymbal arms (cymbals NOT included).
I do NOT need the cash or space so this is "make me an offer I can't refuse" type thing. No trades.

View attachment 90084View attachment 90085View attachment 90087View attachment 90089View attachment 90090View attachment 90091
Is the drum set birch?


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Selling my near mint Paiste 602 flat ride. Message me with questions.
Paiste 18" Formula 602 Classic Medium Flat Ride Cymbal 1980's Traditional Sold!
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i have a couple things i'd like to sell.
1.) paiste masters 21" dry ride. brand new, still in the bag. not even a stick mark. been at my house less then 36 hours. $420 obo shipped.
2.) mapex saturn 14" mounted tom. 11" deep in mango burst finish. mint condition. nos drum that has never been played to my knowledge. would make a nice deep snare conversion. $250 obo shipped.

i would consider a trade for a paiste masters 24" deep ride.



I have a 3 piece DW Collectors series Kit in Ruby Red sparkle. 13" tom. I'd love to add a 10" possibly a 12" tom. Anyone want to sell one? Prefer a smaller kit or downsizing? Hit me up. Thanks!!



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Looking to trade...

I just bought a new Paiste 22" Formula 602 Medium Ride Cymbal from Memphis Drum Shop for $605.

I am hoping to trade this cymbal for a Paiste 20" Signature Mellow Ride Cymbal which is listed at $440.