td20 kick drum challenge


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After many hours I find that I cannot get this kick sound on my td20. Can anyone else get it? I notice in my spectrum analyzer that everything below 50 hz rolls off nicely where my TD20 kicks all seem to have a ton of botton end down to 20 hz. I have tried rolling off but I am unable to find a kick on the TD20 that has this tone. If I found one with this tone, I could adjust the pitch and other settings like head type, muffle and mic.
This sample seems to have the kick centered around 95hz. Can anyone else confirm?

I'm also unable to find a kick that has the "sound" of the one in my wav file. Can anyone come up with one. I can use the comp/eq in the td20 or additional eq in my cubase if anyone can come up with it. I just don't know enough to know what is the right sound to start with and whether to use clear, pinstripe, add muffle, mic position etc. I figure a real drummer will instantly go, this is what will get you there...start with this drum and add this.

Does the TD20 have more than one kick sound based on how hard you kick?

What is the Head / Rim on the kick for? There are two kicks there. One for head one for rim.

Thanks for any help.


i don't think that you can get a completley different sound from the bass drum depending on how hard you hit it, but im no expert.

i think it is just for extra strength, the rim on the kick drum.

sorry for the rather indefinitive answers.