Tama VL52KS v/s VP52KRS - What's the difference?


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My dealer told me today that he's sold out of the tama SIlverstar VL52KS and instead, he has the VP52KRS set. He claims it is the same exact set, just that the model names are interchangeable.

I don't see the VP series listed on any American websites, only on British ones. Is it something specific to the UK?

Can anyone shed light on if this is true? If not, what are the exact differences between the two? I"m just about to place the order. This is really urgent. TIA!


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From browsing Tama's US and UK sites, it appears they just have different letters in the model name between the two. Should be the same kit!

Tama must be doing much better in Europe, though, they have a lot more finishes and configurations on the EU site than they do on the US.


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That's certainly comforting to hear. One thing I did notice though, is that the hardware pack with the VP52KRS is one step above the stuff that comes with VL52. Thus there's that price difference. Thanks!