Tama Stagemaster Lightweight Hardware Pack great bang for the buck

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Guitar Center owns Musician's Friend, don't they?

Yes, but the kids on the phones don't sound like they're working for the same parents.

Mikyok do the Tama stands have gearless tilters?

Les do the Yamaha stands have gearless tilters?

Im going out on a limb here, the YAMAHA stuff isn't even out yet. I'll let you know next week when mines supposed to arrive. The TAMA lightweight snare stand 'is' infinite adjust, you can see in my pic on the CROSSTOWN thread.

Please note there are two different Tama hardware series being referenced here... the single braced StageMaster initially cited for the thread... and the Classic series noted by Les.

The single & double braced Tama StageMaster series are more comparable to the single & double braced Yamaha 600 series. Whereas the Tama Classic is more comparable to the new Yamaha 3 series.

As far as geared vs gearless tilters, all of the above cymbal tilters are fine tooth geared and all the snare basket tilters are gearless.

The Tama Stage Master and Yamaha 600 series are both good at what they were designed to do.

It will be interesting to see how the new Yamaha 3 series compares to the Tama Classic. I suspect the Yamaha tripod bases will be more stable than the Tama, but don't expect the aluminum tubes to be as crush resistant as the steel.

Good thing is the middle tube on the Yamaha cymbal stand is 7/8" so a TH904 3-hole receiver could be used to mount drums/add-on hardware without clamps and/or the upper sections of a 700 cymbal can be used to convert them to a boom.

Thx for pointing that out. My comparison is YAMAHA HHS (aluminum lightweight- not even out yet) vs TAMA lightweight, of which I have the snare stand, and it has a memory lock, I'll post a pic later, out the door r now.**

** Edit- Posted those pics on the CROSSTOWN thread post #16

Yes, it's all the same parent company. If you call the 800 number, occasionally a CS rep will say "thanks for calling Guitar Center" if you call MF and vice versa. Online orders ship from the same place too, so one is not getting inventory before the other.

Anybody in this thread other than Les in citing the single braced line, which is NOT the same as the Classic line.

As far the Tama hardware goes, FL. Tom said most everything I would say about it. Everything fits nicely in the bag and it's comfortable to carry the thing over my shoulder. Perhaps the tilter on the snare basket could be more robust but I've had no problems.

Maybe the Yamaha stuff is better, but I don't know that because I can't compare it yet. Even so, maybe it's not twice the price better.

Experiences vary when talking to phone reps of both entities, some will admit, some will act clueless.
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Hi everyone;

I'm completely new to this forum, so please excuse if I'm breaking forum etiquette etc by jumping right in here (or by resurfacing a relatively old post).

I know that Tama does not offer this specific hardware kit with the bag included any longer, but a store in my general vicinity (Gauteng, SA) still seems to have one left at a great price (The equivalent of about 190 USD, and usually drumming gear in South Africa is priced WAY above dollar prices due to import costs, added secondary distributor profits etc).

I am returning to drumming after a more than decade long hiatus, and I will be getting a bass drum with no tom mounts (a first for me). Thus, I will have to mount my 7 by 10 and 8 by 12 toms (relatively thin shells, and not excessively heavy hardware) with clamps from the cymbal stands.

Will these Tama Stagemaster single braced stands be able to handle that if I ensure that the legs are spread out sufficiently, and that the toms are suspended across one of the legs?

P. S. One of my priorities was / is getting the lightest hardware possible. Before choosing a kit without kick-mounted toms, I was strongly considering the Tama flat-base Classic hardware pack. However, obviously that will not work now. I am hoping that the Stagemaster Lightweights will be a workable compromise, especially at this price.

Thanks in advance for your insights!