TAMA 1st Chair Round Rider Owners: Does it spin?


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I agree with you, and believe this confirms my and SD’s suspicion about it being defective.

A lot of people have great experiences with the Tama 1st Chair models so my first suggestion would be to reorder it. And given your negative experience with the first unit, asking your dealer to provide the replacement at the same price as the open box would be reasonable.

If you are doubting the decision or have the same problem with a second unit, some suggestions for alternatives around the same price range would include:

— Roc-n-Soc manual spindle round seat

— Yamaha DS840

— Gibraltar 9608

— DW 5100 *

* The first DW 5100 I owned had a very “cushy” seat, but a newer one I got years later had a little stiffer seat and wasn’t as comfortable so please consider testing this one in person. Both were very well built and stable, I may have just got a one-off the second time.
I'll check those options out, thanks!