Sweetwater has never let me down...until today


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Being a Diabetic myself, I always appreciate the bag of sweets Sweetwater provides. They come in handy whenever I experience low blood sugar episodes which force me to lay on the couch and have some candy. I keep a stash of Smartees at home for these wretched episodes. My wife has a sweet tooth too.
Sweetwater is the best!

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My son always swipes my Sweetwater candy. I try to snatch at least the Tootsie Roll out of it before he gets his hands on the bag.
Good call!


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There are still supply side delays/stock challenges due to Covid. A lot of vendors are still having problems getting stock of all kinds of tings.

I recently ran into this when ordering a Fender Stratocaster for my son. To Sweetwater's credit, they kept me up to date with regular emails with the projected time of arrival. The guitar came in 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and they had it shipped out to me that afternoon. I've not had this level of communication with any other online retailer.


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And if you work there, you get to have days like this:



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If we all order a ton of drum gear only to return it but keeping the candy we can start our drummer world candyland store with zero inventory finances. I'll start today by ordering a DW kit..some Tama hardware..and some road cases. All that candy at no cost...ya! baby!.