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Hi all,

I am currently playing or have played in loads of various types of setups and sytles. I play with bands of all styles, orchestras, brass bands, worked with composers etc. Yesterday I was chosen after an audition for a theatrical project. I will be part of a percussion ensamble within a musical kind of thing and we will play with any materials we find around us and makes sound. This is going to be something visual (it includes lots of movements) and obviously percussive. Do you think that playing in so much different environments and styles is healthy for a drummer/percussionist?


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It's pretty much the only way to make it as a pro, unless you end up in a band that really makes it well. I have two bands that do very well (one a rock band, one an acoustic project where I play a ton of hand drums, cajons, etc). I also teach. But, on top of that, I take gigs with theatrical productions, recording sessions of ALL styles (I have even recorded hardcore punk, which, if you met me, would make you DIE laughing), concert bands, marching bands (both playing and writing), etc. This week alone I have two gigs where I am playing hand drums (in very different styles), one completely improvised gig on drum set (jazz-oriented), one standard drumset gig (with my rock band), and a concert band performance where we are playing marches and big band swing and even polkas.

I have actually even done a Stomp-style performance piece for a while, which sounds like what you are talking about. It all helps, man.