Stolen Tama and SJC gear


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Today I had the excitement of walking into my ransacked drum room. I am currently missing 2 Tama Exotix Rack toms (12x9 8x7) and an SJC snare drum (12x5). The Tama toms are bubinga with a pearl inlay and the SJC Snare is hand painted with "Saw" graphics.

Due to the rarity of the Tama Exotix line, I'd say it's safe to assume that any orphan toms or even the two together for sale would be mine. The SJC snare is one of a kind. Many of us Arizona folk aren't so bright, maybe someone will post it for a sale on one of the online marketplaces.

I will pay $1000 to whoever manages to find them, and maybe even a nice rug crafted from the flesh of the thief himself. :) Thanks!


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that blows . ss. i hate thiefs !
ill try to keep my eye out in tucson,
not for reward , but justice !
but i am also one of the not so bright in az :)


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I'd also recommend creating a few custom ebay searches, by newly listed that might cover any description and having the notifications go to your email. Best of luck.