Sticks 'n' Skins picture book of drummers


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January only - a smokin' deal on "Sticks 'n' Skins" featuring over 550 pages of amazing drummers! Somehow I made it in there too, pg 451.
This is a really nice book and would look great on your coffee table.

Only $24.99 at (published price is $75!

I get nothing from the sales of the book, I'm just passing along a really good deal. If I was trying to make a buck, I would have included the link to my new book -
It is a very good deal.
It is a very good deal.

Yep! Although the book's been out a while, I suspect anyone who wanted one already has it. But for those who didn't grab one back then, this is a good chance to save a bunch of money. I originally got comped a book for being in it, and bought one later for my archive. I remember thinking I got a deal at $60! :O
I'm definatly gonna get this book.
Just ordered one.......didn't know it existed.....really cool
If I can get it at Barnes and Noble it will be on my practice pad kit by 4:00.....(today).
Not sure who would have a copy in-store at this point, the book came out in 2009. A drum shop might have a copy or two on their shelf.
"Endorsed by Bermuda" got my attention, and the 2/3 discount closed the deal! Got my copy in the mail today. At first glance - WOW!
Best packaging job I've seen in years, and that's before I even opened it!
This is going to provide lots of entertainment and inspiration, and I expect to get some great photography ideas, too.
Thanks, Bermuda!
Thank you! 😁
this is an endorsement I'd endorse to any drummer. Bermuda, who all is in this book?
I just received mine. Wow.

Great coffee table book and one I cannot wait to spend some time with.

It would also serve well as ballast........this thing is substantial.

I feel like I stole it for the price......thanks for the heads up Jon.
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this is an endorsement I'd endorse to any drummer. Bermuda, who all is in this book?

There are over 500 drummers, percussionists and industry people* in this 8LB book. Alex Acuna, Carmine & Vinny, Eddie Bayers, Louis Bellson, Hal, Bozzio, Clem Burke, Bun E., Mick Fleetwood, Ringo, Roy Haynes, Josh Freese, Vinnie, Mickey Hart, Larrie London, Charlie Watts, Ginger & Kofi, Joey Kramer, Cindy Blackman, Gina Schock, Jeff & other Porcaros, Purdie, Rikki Rocket... seriously, a TON of drummers. A few obvious names like Krupa, Philly Jo & Papa Jo, Shelly Manne et al aren't included, because they passed before the photos were taken for the book.

* Most of the industry folks are included in group candids at the beginning of the book, but a few got their own pages if they're also working drummers. :)
Just grabbed a copy! So, um... I'm going to need (another) autograph, chum.

Happy to do that, and happy to learn that the book is still on sale!
Gonna grab a copy as well, indeed a nice coffee/conversation piece.

EDIT: Just an FYI it is still on sale for $24.99 and shipping is $10.00 (at least for me in GA).