Stanton Moore now with Zildjian


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I bet it was that awful new Sabian logo that turned the tide LOL!

A cat as cool as Stanton wouldn't want to be associated with that sort of tomfoolery.

Seriously though, he and Jeff Hamilton (who were business partners with Crescent Cymbals--name of company after they left Bosphorus) basically developed the "Crescent" line of cymbals for Sabian.

This must be a very recent announcement. Stanton still appears on the Sabian website (for now).

I just found out about this..............a friend texted me a screenshot of a Facebook post by Stanton announcing he's with Zildjian.

Maybe now we can pick up some Stanton Moore Crescent Series Cymbals on clearance. Or are they now considered "collector's items"?

At the Chicago Drum Show a few years ago, I talked with the guy who was also a co-owner of the Crescent brand of cymbals along with Stanton and Jeff (can't remember his name). Basically he told me that Jeff and Stanton were having trouble with Bosphorus getting their cymbals to the US and they were having some production issues as well. Jeff and Stanton decided to become partners and form Crescent Cymbals. That was pretty short lived, as they had the same production and availability issues (maybe because there are only about 5-6 cymbal foundries in Turkey yet there are dozens of Turkish brands. Maybe each factory is too swamped trying to make cymbals for 6 or more brands)? From what I know, the reason they went to Sabian was to alleviate the availability and production issues, and to give them more solid footing and more "brand recognition".

I wonder what will happen now? Will we see a "Crescent" or (Insert New Orleans themed name here) series available from Zildjian in the future? Will Jeff Hamilton follow Stanton over? This will be interesting to watch.
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My most frequently used cymbals are a set of the original SM by Bosphorus, 15 hats, 18 crash, 22 ride, 20 trash and sometimes the 20 pang. Sort of fall between old worn in A Zildjians and some of the drier non lathed cymbals. interesting to see how the collaboration develops.


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I have many of Stanton's Sabian cymbals. I just completed the set up just a month and half ago. I like them and it will be interesting to see what Sabian does wth them. I might be interest in picking up the 14" hats and 20" ride at some point. I have the 15" hats and 22" ride now. HIs initial Zildjian setup does have a prototype Trash Crash with rivets in it but not a version of the Pang Thang yet. Basically he's plays the Kerope line.


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I wonder if he is going to encourage some changes to some of the Zildjian lines the way he influenced Sabian with the incorporation of the Crescent line. Apparently he uses Kerope cymbals in his new setup:

On a side note, I low-key knew that somehow the Vic Firth and Zildjian companies had some association, but after searching for "Stanton Moore Zildjian" I just realized that now completely redirects to I guess Zildjian is finally exerting full ownership of the company instead of maintaining a "separate but equal" stance. This probably had something to do with Moore moving from Sabian since their artist relations team can handle both the stick and cymbal endorser relationships at the same time.


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In his video/pictures with Zildjian. His left crash was a new Zildjian Prototype with the Crescent Series Trash Crash hammering.
So I'm guessing he has the rights to the design of the Crescent Series .. kinda weird though considering Sabian recently posted a video of the Crescent Series WITH the 20" Trash Crash. 🤷‍♂️


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guess its just business and what a person feels is right for them to do. it wont have been an overnight transition from crescent/sabian to zildjian, he'll have had to have weeks or even months to make the step.