Some questions about IEMs


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The church music group I’m involved with has purchased quite a bit of equipment this year upgrading its A/V setup.

Along with a MacBook Pro laptop, a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer, a Roland RD-2000 keyboard, and other items, it also purchased 4 Galaxy Audio AS-950 IEMs for the musicians.

I set up the IEMs for the rest of the group a couple of weeks ago, and mine last night. None of us have ever used IEMs before, but we’re liking them so far.

A few questions, though.

1. What do the “AF Level” dials (there are two of them on the back of the unit) do? It seems that turning them halfway up sounds best so far, but I don’t know what their purpose is.

2. What is the best way to set the volumes on the AUX outputs on the mixer, the IEM transmitters, and the IEM receivers? As of now, the AUX outputs on the mixer (not the individual instrument volumes - those are customized for each person using an IEM) are set to 100%, the volume on the IEM transmitters are set to about 60%, and the volume on the IEM receivers are set between 40-60% depending on each user's personal preference. Would it be better to turn any of them up and, accordingly, others down? I’m thinking it’s best to turn up the volume on the IEM transmitters to 100%, and turn down the volume of each instrument and/or the volume on the IEM receivers as needed, but I may be wrong. Is there a standard way to set up these volume adjustments?

3. Can an EQ unit be connected between the IEM receiver and the headset? As of now, our singer would like his voice EQ’d a bit in his IEM mix, but I can’t do that without affecting the EQ going to the stage speakers.

4. If any of us were to upgrade the headset, what would you recommend going to? Ideally, something with a limiter in it so we don’t accidentally cause any damage to our ears.

Any opinions or thoughts?