Some new Paiste cymbals for me


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Man, I never thought it would happen, but Holy Cow, I am ALL IN for the 2002's.

I was in process of getting some 602's, but (long story short) I couldn't get 15" hats in Sound Edge from Paiste because they were NOT making them, and the only way to get them was to pay the amount the online sellers wanted.
It's worked out anyway, because in really comparing sound files (putting aside the nostalgia of my 22" 602 ride), I had to face the 602's were just not going to work for me at this point for the bands I play in.

Anyway...I got some 15" 2002 Sound Edge hats a few weeks ago on eBay. I won them at a great price, and figured if I didn't like them, I could sell them and not lose anything.
I freakin LOVE these things!

Other than (10+ years ago) playing some 2002's once for a session, on someone else's kit, the (somewhat preconceived) notions I had about the 2002 stuff has been blown out of the water.
Something about them just didn't click for me back then, even though the recording I did with them sounded really good--I was just into, or maybe just used to the cast B20 cymbal sound & feel I guess.

The feel of these hats is waaay better than I remembered, and the chick sound is just fantastic.
The feel difference could be that these are 15's, and not the 14's I recorded with too though.
I used them on a gig last week, and I was amazed at how much I dug playing these hats.

My bass player (in another band) was with me on that gig, and he said they sounded great through the PA, and were nicely present all the way to the back of the venue (500+ seater--decent size room) more than other hats that were used that night.

Yesterday at rehearsal, this bass player was saying he really likes these hats.

I just received (TODAY by UPS), a 24" 2002 Alex Van Halen Big Ride. It sounds amazing!!!
I was debating between the 2002 24" CRASH, and this AVH cymbal, and I made a great choice (the price was great, with free shipping too!). I love how it sounds.

The spread and crash, and overall sound is just beautiful, and the feel is similar to my Giant Beat ride, but it's more like a GB Plus. The bell kicks ass.

It IS similar to the GB (it was designed after the GB), but it's a little "more" in everything. The bell cuts a bit more, and is more defined, the crash is just as smooth, but a little "bigger"'s just more "present" overall, without blowing everything else away. The stick sound is a bit clearer too.

It's a really cool cymbal, so if anyone is looking at a GB, but needs something just a bit clearer, this is one to really consider.

I have a 20" 2002 Crash on it's way--might even get it this week.

I'm also looking into the 22" 2002 CRASH, but I have some feelers out on just how much different it would be to the 22" Giant Beat I have.
If it's kinda similar, but "a little more this", and "a little more that", I'll go for one. It's pricey on eBay, but can get a better price at the shop on one anyway.

I've sold a bunch of stuff recently, so my OOP has been basically zero--making this all the better!!

Bo Eder

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That's awesome Karl, glad you're diggin' them! I too, would love to jump on the 2002 bandwagon but I could never afford to, especially since my last acquisition. BUt I did play that Big Al 24" ride when I was picking up my 24" K Light Ride, and I didn't think I could make Big Al work for what I do, I wanted more wash and thought the Big Al was a little more clangy and piercing - probably great for everything else I don't do. Congrats on your set-up!

I may consider it if they'd make 17" Sound Edge hats ;)


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Glad your lovin' that Paiste goodness.I'm down to my 22" 2002 red label ride and a 14" signature fast crash that I use with a 60's new beat top.They sound great together.....who knew.I know that may drive the everything must match crowd into suicide watch,but hey...just up the meds.

I'm thinking about some 2002's or some giant beats for my Christmas present.It seems more guys are getting into Paiste.I loved the 60's 602 sound of Joe Morellos cymbals,and Bonhams giant beats.:)

Steve B

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Nice!!! Until you play sound edge hats you really dont know the chick sound that youre missing. Mine are 14 and the chick sound is huge.


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Congrats. I fell prey to the 2002 bug not long ago. It also started with the 15" SE hats, followed by an 18" Crash, then a 20" ride and finally a 19" crash (easily my favorite of the bunch). I was surprised by how much more flexible and smooth the cymbals play than I expected. Enjoy them.


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Awesome. We're following a similar path. I bought the GB's which lead me to 15" Sound Edges, which in turn are leading me to more 2002's as well. They are a glassy, cutting addiction for sure.


What are they all out of real cymbals? Sorry, old habits die hard. At least I didn't say Sabians are better. Oops, I just did. :)

Jeremy Bender

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Dittos on the 2002's. They were my first "pro" cymbals and I still have them after 29 years. I will someday own a 2002 22" China. Someday...


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I used to play 2002 crashes, and they sounded great. However, I switched to Sabian about ten years ago. Enjoy your new pies. Peace and goodwill.


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Nice. My fave crash of all time is the 20 inch 2002. The GB versus 2002 distinction is a interesting one, at all sizes. 2002's are the kind of cymbals that everybody notices when you hear a band in a club. You say" hey THAT guy is playing 2002's".....Just a great cut....pure rock.
My feeling is that 2002's are superb, but less versatile across the whole range of music genres than GB's.


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Congrats. I fell prey to the 2002 bug not long ago. It also started with the 15" SE hats, followed by an 18" Crash, then a 20" ride and finally a 19" crash (easily my favorite of the bunch). I was surprised by how much more flexible and smooth the cymbals play than I expected. Enjoy them.
Ditto! Outstanding rock cymbals. I fell for the 19"crash, (my favorite too). Then I bought the 20" ride as the crash was a bit too washy for a ride. However, although I love the 2002's, they are so unique sounding that I think it best not to mix them with my Sabians or Z's and that means new 2002 hats or a smaller crash. Now the wife is not going to like that so..."she tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no!"


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Thanks for the replies guys!

The Sabian's, and old Zildjian's aren't going anywhere, so I will still use "real" cymbals, but these uni-rolled pieces have really gotten to me haha! :p
One of my bands will still just have the Sabian cymbals too.

I put up the AVH ride yesterday, and it's very similar to the GB, but it's brighter in all areas (crash, bell, stick etc...). I really like it, and it will work pretty much everywhere.

I know me, so, I think what I will probably end up doing is going ahead and getting the 22" and 24" 2002 crashes.
Going by the sound clips and videos, the 22" Crash will give me a similar washy ride quality when I have to play on a back line kit, and a 24" cymbal is too big for allotted space.
I'd just like to have several bases covered, and keep the same kind of characteristics that I like.

I have credit at the shop, and I'd get them for at least 50% off, plus, I decided to sell my 2nd 24" Giant Beat cymbal. That will pay for about all of what I want.
I just don't want to go off and just spend money to get "more" in amount of cymbals, I want them to work for the situations I play in.
I might even sell the 20" GB because I was never totally in love with it. It does me no good sitting in a case.
The first one I had sounded better/fuller. A friend of mine actually bought it, and really digs it, so it's not going anywhere...

The 20" crash I got (eBay) is on it's way (UPS) and I will have it Friday.

One mix of hats I really like is the GB 15" Bottom on top, and the Sabian AA Sizzle hat bottom.
That pairing sounds real cool. A little more cutting than just the AA, and a bit fatter sounding.

I don't really need meds for mixing model/lines anymore :p I just want things in the same "range of volume" and character--as far as playing softer or harder and not having anything too "separate" sounding if you get what I mean.

Steve Jordan is to blame for getting me on a 22" 2202 crash kick though :)


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Cool ! It's not hard to put together a great set of 2002's. Yeah, I got my first 2002 last summer, now I have a bunch of them. In my band, I mix a 16" 2002 crash with a 17" Zildjian K Dark-Thin crash, and they sound beautiful together. Like you, I got the 15" SE hats online for a very good price, and they are certainly tasty. I also own the 2002 14" Heavy Hats, which are quite excellent, though not nearly as chick-y as the SEs. While it's not practical for me to go above 20" in a crash, I agree with your tastes, in that the large 2002 crashes are superb cymbals. I also own a 2002 22" Power Ride and 20" Ride, which are very different, though both unmistakenly 2002. You can't been the shimmer of a 2002 cymbal. Congrats, and try not to spend all your money !!


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I played with the band last night, and really used the AVH Big Ride.
Ho-ly cow. BIG RIDE is right!

It sounds really great, but the crash on it can blow away the 22" Giant Beat. It's not that it's actually louder, it's only a little louder than the GB24, but the brighter sound with the 2002 process vs. the GB process is a noticeable one.

It's easy to open up, and with the 20" 2002 (arriving Friday) I could easily use my 2 cymbal set up.

It'll be fun getting into this AVH cymbal and finding out all that I can get out of it. It's really something!
It's bright, but shimmery, smooth... great bell... simmering stick sound...
It has the stick "ting", but it's not super separate strokes, or dry TING TING TING that is just loud.

Until I get the other 2002's, I'll have the Giant Beat ride up for rehearsals because of the differences in volume between the models. I love the GB24 also, so it's not like I'm loosing out not using a new toy haha!

Roy E. Munson

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The only thing thats a bummer about playing Paiste cymbals is that nothing will ever compare or sound good again. I once really enjoyed going to the stores, websites, and shows to listen to all the different cymbals, but now its just pointless....Paiste is the luxury cymbal.


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I hear you.
I've always enjoyed every cymbal I've gotten, but, when I stopped using my old 602 (couldn't replace it if...) and got different rides, I ALWAYS compared what I was thinking about buying, with what the 602 could do.

Maybe in the future the new 602 cymbals will be purchased, but for now they just won't work the way 2002's will--and it's a lot of money to not use something and just have it waiting for the right time.

I ordered the 22" and 24" 2002 Crashes yesterday, and the 20" Crash should be in the UPS delivery today.
I'm super stoked about the way these sound, and I'm REALLY stoked that I could sell other things I wasn't using to get everything!

Paring down to the stuff I really like and use has been a good thing for me to do also.


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I am glad you are enjoying your new 2002s Karl. I have recently (I mean really recently like within the last month) gone back to using Paistes and am loving them. For a long time I used a 20" 2002 ride and an 18" Giant Beat multi mixed with bunch of Zildjians and Sabians. I eventually ended up with an all Zildjian setup but I did miss my Paistes, so now I am putting together a set of them. So far I have 14" 2002 SE hihats, a 10" 2002 splash, a 17" 2002 thin crash and a new 18" GB multi. A 20" 2002 ride will be added to my collection along with another crash.

Like others said, there is something about the Paiste sound and feel that is unique in a high-class way! I still have my Zildjians and like them just fine, but they are staying in the bag for now while I am in honeymoon stage with my new Paistes.