Some Help Needed


Hi Guys,

I need some help from anyone who knows about Vibraphones. I am interested in purchasing a mid-high level vibraphone but I am undecided between Musser and Yamaha. Which brand do you think is better? I would also appreciate any suggestions on models. Thanks!!

Bo Eder

Platinum Member
They're both good. Musser is, of course, the older of the two and have been around a long time, but Yamaha seems to benefit from alot of players complaining about what they don't like of the old school mallet instruments they started out on, which in this case would either be Musser or Deagan.

Basically you're looking for an instruments that's in tune and with a quiet adjustable speed motor. I once owned a Deagan built in 1962 that I used throughout my college days but they are all built really well, especially when you're dealing with the weight.