Software Recommendations


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I'm looking for input on some software to run on my Windows 8 box, two things:

1. Video editing. I want to be able to take a bunch of video footage from different cameras shot at the same time (no SMPTE or sync) into a single video, cutting and transitioning back and forth between them, perhaps being able to do a split screen. Audio would be imported separately. Think in terms of a couple cameras shooting a song take plus footage of overdubbed parts combined with the finished audio track. Sync doesn't have to be studio perfect- as long as I can slip the audio against the video with some decent control I'll be happy to eyeball it.

2. Audio capture/edit/mix/scoring. Similar situation to above but imagine some parts going in via live mic, some going in as MIDI events (in real time and in step-time) and some created via traditional scoring. For example, I'd like to be able to create a part using traditional notation methods and have that play back using a sample library or even a GM synth. I could use this as part of a timing track or even as-is for instruments that are simply not available (a concert marimba is a little out of my price range...). So imagine you sit down and write out (or import) a score, play those back and add some live instruments. Then record some MIDI instruments and tweak the values to do impossible stuff or use them to trigger a completely different voice.

The scoring doesn't have to be too extensive. I used Finale a few years back and it some sophisticated layout stuff that I did not need. It would need to be able to change meters and tempos, and handle tuplets beyond just triplets. I'd need more than one per song (one for each instrument, obviously). Chord symbols, tablature, etc. are nice but not required.



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1) Sony Vegas. Pretty intuitive. I used it to make several music videos in the past. Runs on windows.

I also like Premier Pro, although it's a subscription, not something you buy, so it can get pricy over time.

I recently got Premier Elements, which is bit of a dumbed down version of Premier Pro. I'm still trying to figure out what it will and won't do. The only reason I didn't return to Vegas is I'm now running a MAC, and after many years of working with Premier at my former job, I thought it would be a smoother transition.

2) Ack, there are so many. It sort of depends on what you're comfortable with.
I use protools, simply because I learned it, and have no reason to switch. But there are many others that will accomplish the same goals, and everyone seems to have their favorite.


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well... here's what I use

1. Final Cut Pro. wanted to be a filmmaker, so spent the big bucks. then quit 'cause I hated it... but still plan to use it for drumming videos

2. Reaper. Hear this is the best you can do on a budget. (40 bucks or something?) there's some free ones out there, but Reaper seems to be just about full power, comparing to protools/cubase/etc.


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Does Reaper allow standard notation entry? That's a very important feature for me. I didn't see any mention of it on their site.