Snare wire rattle problem I just can't solve - help!!


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Hi folks - I've a George Way Hollywood that I can't get a snare rattle out of. I thought it might be the strainer and it might be, but it might be something else.

No matter what snare wires I put on the drum - new or old Puresound 10 strand, 20 strand, 12 stand equalisers, stock Ludwig wires (and the originals the drum came with) - they are always more loose in the middle of the drum than the edges meaning there’s a VERY prominent and sustained rattle. It sounds like when some wires are stretched out and sloppy. However, the nearer you go to the ends of the snares, the tighter to the skin the wires get.

If I didn’t know these wires are all fine on a ludwig hammered bronze - I’d think the wires were defective. Any ideas what this could mean and howI solve it. It means the drum is unusable which is a real shame.



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The symptoms you describe sound like the snare beds aren't deep enough (or non-existent) but I really don't know that particular drum.

I've had a similar issue lately when I used ribbon to attach the snares instead of the cables they came with. The ribbon was thinner, so the outer edge of the snare was been lifted up by a millimetre or so - the more I tightened it, the more it rattled. The answer was to re-install the cables.

But in your case the snares were fine on another drum, so this is probably not the same...

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Try using slightly thicker cords which will raise the ends a bit and force the center against the head (like the last post mentions).