Snare-drum sound


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Try wires with fewer strands - 12 instead of 20 for example. If you can't find them, simply buy the 20 and cut some strands out. :)


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How can I get less "snare" in the snare drum?
Is it tuning the drum or tighten the snarewires?

Like this..

In addition to using a wire set with fewer wires, you can change the response by adjusting the tuning of the four lugs near the ends of the wires on the reso side. I usually detune them a full turn relative to the other lugs. But I’ve seen other people say to tighten those same lugs more. Maybe both ways work, or maybe it depends on how the snare bed was shaped.

C.M. Jones

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You can also use a 5mil snare-side head instead of a 3mil or a 2mil. The added mass will reduce wire response. A boxy tone might prevail, however. I'm not sure that's what you're after.


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Yes!! I have found the sound! ;) And it's very simple...

1 - Removed the Remo damping ring
2 - Play more towards the rim instead of the center