Show Us Your Local Drum Shop


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I'm not sure if this has been done here before (if so my apologies). I was sitting a red stop light late last evening, which happen to be in front of my local shop. It kinda asked me to take a photo of it so out came my camera phone. I showed you mine now show me yours.


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This picture is a little dated, but not much in the layout of the store has changed. Just the modernness of the gear and displays.

But this is where I work, Resurrection Drums in Hollywood, Florida. It's quite a place if you haven't been there.



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Damn Questo...I need to take a road trip

That you do. Tomorrow is actually our first "Customer Appreciation Day" with hot dogs, beers, gifts, and some pretty big sales. But I realize that's a bit short notice.

If you ever do come, let me know who you are, (I'm the youngest and skinniest kid there and I work every Saturday), I'll throw a Rez t-shirt your way and certainly hook you up with some decent prices. We take care of friends at Rez. Especially when they make a drive like that. ;)


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Go to the bottom of the page to see the link to the world's most expensive drum set.

I thought Moonie's set was most expensive, if he paid more than 250k for those sonors he got ripped off big time.


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Hi amigos,

Here my local shop, I've been living in Lyon (South France) for many years now.
La Baguetterie is one of the biggest drumshop in France, you can find the bigger one in Paris.






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Donn Bennett's is an amazing shop. I heard they are remodeling and expanding.


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MINE TOO :) I drive past a Guitar Center, and a Musicians Superstore to go to DrumCity


If not there, I go to Rupps Drums

...then, if only absolutely necessary, I will go to Guitar Center.

Wow small world, I go in there often and got my Acrolite and Supralite from Tim, I got my Hi Hat stand from Rupps and go there when I am that far south. I also frequent Colorado drum and percussion in Ft Collins (5 star) and Boulder drum.