Show off your TAMA !

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Great stuff,
Here is the majority of my vintage Superstar kit. I plan on stripping and refinishing it this next summer. In addition to what you see in the picture I have a pair of "6 & 8" concert toms, a 16x24 bass, 13" & 14" standard toms. I plan on adding 10" & 12" standard toms before I refinish.
Wow. Dude that looks seriously nice. Vintage superstar, gotta sound great too. The finish on it is incredible.


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Thanks for the seccond post xush, what a awesome looking kit, truly one of a kind.

P.S. You got some great looking cymbals to, those rides look huge!


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1985 Tama Techstars with some hand hammered bronze. 15" Istanbul Mehmet Turk hats and 20" ride, 16" Soultone Extreme and Masterwork Legend crashes.