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I forgot to add some information about my kit, which is a Keller era DW collectors drum kit finished in blue diamond The bass drums are 16x22. The toms are 8x10, 10x12, 12x14, 14x16, & 16x18 ( this was an ad on and doesn't match the rest of the kit. I have the matching snare to the kit which is 5x 14, but I usually use either my Spaun bell brass or my Tama hand hammered copper, both are 5.5x14, and have 3mm thick shell.
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After 26 years onnYamah (with a quick back and forth to DW a few tears ago) I finally took the plunge and went full DW.

With huge thanks to old dutch drum forum member Animal aka Luuk.

8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x11, 16x13, 22x18 (2x) 21x16 (gong)

Collector’s Maple in Satin Specialty Cherry To Black Burst with Black Chrome hardware.

Born in 2003, 2006 (8” and gong drum) and 2007 (second kick) in mint condition.

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