Show Off Your DW Kit


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More pictures can be found here:

This a vintage purple lacquer pre- collectors kit in the sizes 8x8, 10x9, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14 and 22x18 (I left the 24x18'' behind)

They year of make is estimated by the seller at 1994. A special year for me, as Pink Floyd embarked on their ''Division Bell'' tour. A tour on which Gary Wallis and Nick Mason's DW kits always have been a huge inspiration for me too.


We now think the kit comes from October the 11th 1989, concerning the stamp inside the shells (01189) Also the badge and tom bracket proof to be DW's first model.

I can't wait to receive them from over the other side of the big pool.
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Matt Bo Eder

Here's mine:


Collectors FinishPly in black oyster. I have various snares I use with it.



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DW Performance Pewter Sparkle (8,10,12,16,22, 6.5x14)
DW Rack and hardware, DW9502LB remote hat, DWCPRKSBL floating snare basket, DW5000 Delta lll Accelerator pedal
12" A Custom Splash
14" A Custom Fast Crash
14" A Custom Mastersound Hats
16" A Custom Crash
17" Armand Sound Lab Prototype Crash
20" A Custom Ping Ride

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Here is my kit:

2006 DW Collectors in Broken Glass finish ply:
20x16 8 ply VLT Bass
12x9 Standard 6 ply Collector's Rack tom on rail mount
14x12 8 ply VLT floor tom
14x5 10+6 Snare

Cymbals are all Sabian:
16" HH Medium Thin crash (HH Top) - 1041g
16" AA Raw Bell Thin Crash (HH Bottom ) - 1053g
20" Artisan Traditional Suspended Symphonic - 1885g
10" HHX Splash - 253g
22" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride - 2955g
19" HHX Suspended - 1545g

All hardware is Pearl. Eliminator Double pedals w/ Eliminator HH Stand, S-1000 snare stand and BC-900 cymbal stands. LP Ridge Rider Rock Cowbell and Boom Alley "BAD Knocker" batter side snare rim.
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Here's mine:


Collectors FinishPly in black oyster. I have various snares I use with it.
Sideways and backwards - it's making me dizzy - ha ha.

Great looking set.
I guess you didn't want to get your Ludwigs in Black Oyster because it's too common on those, but not on DW's?


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DW Performance Series in Dark Cherry Stain lacquer.
Added the white head and t-rods.
Fell in love with the color the day they were introduced and got a killer deal on a new set from Sweetwater.
DW does not advertise the color any longer but they still make them.


Tony Trout

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Those are beautiful drum kits, fellas!!! I especially am fond of the double-kick DW kit that's a few pages back in this thread (can't remember what page). :)


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I still dont really have any really decent photos of my DW other than this recently from before I bought it from the shop who took the photos.

Out of shot are 14" and 16" floor toms.