Show Off Your DW Kit


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This is my first post so here it goes, my DW kit that I have has since May.
Can anyone tell me what color this is?



How do you all afford these kits? Did you save up or do you have the money anyway? cos im thinking about saving up for one


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Those drums from NAMM look insane, especially that green monster of a kit. Keep the picts coming there great.


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this is my 12 piece DW Collector's series set. I won this in 2006. Bozzio influenced Kuriilain Birch finish...Maple shells and it sounds amazing.


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Not my kit, but It's still pretty sweet
Yep......THAT, actually my kit Metal I am not kidding;-) I won the Terry Bozzio contest two years ago....Chamberworks which I had bought anyway being a fan of Bozzios' work..then I discovered there was a contest where you had to send in the serial code and your own information...I sent ONE entry ( somethers did a ton)...I got a call a month or so later and felt like passing out;-) do have to pay gift taxes on it when you win something over 10K...but still it was an incredible "buy" in that sense.

I was just doing warmups tonight on the snare actually. And it took awhile to get used to playing a big set again ( I had one as a teen) but I have consciously worked on material that incorporates a big set up....not just roundhouse fills.

Bodo Stricker

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Hey, here are my kits.

First one is a custom Azure Fade Satin Oil maple kit with black hardware. Sizes on that kit are 8x8", 9x10", 10x12", 12x14" and 18x20". All the shells are regular.

DW built me an acrylic snare to go with the kit, it is a 7x14"

My other kit is a custom "Diablo Flames" graphics maple kit with black diamond hardware. Sizes on that one are 7x8", 8x10", 9x12", 13x15", 14x18" and 18x23". 10" and 12" are VLT, 8", 15", 18", 23" are X-Shells. The kit has a matching 6,5x14" 10 ply VLT snare.

I'm still waiting for the hardware to set it up and will post pictures of the final set up soon.


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Bodo Stricker

I was going to post pics of my new dw kit over here in this thread today, but seeing that you decided to post something like this.......I'll wait a while!(they would only get lost in the sea of questions and comments I would expect!)

The Diablo Flame.........absolutely beautiful man! Enjoy them!


Silver Member 14x14 came in today

Now that I have graduated to a five piece, i may have to grow another arm.