shippping drums on eBay: how?


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i'm considering selling my kit on eBay but have no idea how much it'll cost to pack and ship them within Canada or to the US.

does anyone know the best way to pack a 22/13/14/16 kit? perhaps the shipping will cost so much that it'd be better to sell locally (but fetch a little less)?


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I think shipping is about 125, and in terms of how to package it, i'd just call the UPS store or w/e, they're usually pretty good if u tell them it has to be wrapped carefully, u might want to go to the store..


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i think the best thing to do is to take off one of the heads on all of the drums, and loosen to other, (the drums will be be going through different pressures, you dont want to damage anything) and nest the drums inside the others. if you wrap them properly, they should do fine. the only thing is, the 12 and 13 wont fit together. hopefully you can stack them inside the floor tom.


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It looks like you could get the 16 inside of the bass drum. the 13 inside of the 16. You will have to place the remaining 12 in the box alone. Go to the local music store and try to get a large box that a drum kit came in. I have used the DW Pacific boxes many times. i got them from my local Guitar Center for free.

It is not bad to ship ground within a country, once you ship outside it can get very expensive as well as having taxes and duties on the receiving end.

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Kijiji is your friend if you live in Canada. I don't think you'd get less for for your kit through Kijiji plus it's basically a free online local classified site, so you wouldn't have to worry about shipping at all. The problem with shipping drums (especially across the border) is that the cost is quite high (plus customs fees, brokerage fees, etc.) and buyers on ebay are looking to save $, so paying those extra costs deters a lot of people.

Just my $0.02