Seiko Metronome Watch


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Looks kinda cool

That's a smart watch! Thanks for the shout

I would have liked to see a serif font on the hour markers to give it a more Lang & Sohne vibe but it's certainly easy to read. They seem to cost £280 in uk

Here's a good preview video
I doubt its for drummers. Seems to be marketed towards prep-school conservatory musicians that want to be fashionable. Nifty, but our phones can do that same thing...but cool someone is thinking about developing good time, we drummers encourage that :)

As for the visual thing, I remember showing my drum teacher the Tama rhythm watch and boosting how you can visually see the lights. He quickly said "train your ears, not your eyes" and I think he was correct. Unless I'm doing some sequencing thing in a live setting with a band where it isn't audible, the visual was not the right tool for internal least that is my experience, teacher here may do differently. But then again, looking at the visual didn't hurt either, as long as not depended on.
Yes, well I am older and back in the day my high school concert band used to try and practice along with the light on the metronome to improve our time…that was tricky! Hearing it is always better